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A General Practice Law Office Concentrating in Estate Planning and Elder Law

General Practice

When do I need a general practice attorney?

     A general practice attorney may be helpful in dealing with a wide range

      of legal issues arising in your day to day life (from real estate closings to

      landlord/tenant disputes, from business concerns to consumer rights issues,

      to personal injury issues). 


Estate Planning

What is an Estate Plan?

      It is your plan for where you want your property to go after you die.

      An estate plan also plans for the administration of your property in the

      event of physical or mental incapacity while you are still alive.

Will I benefit from an estate plan?

     You may benefit from an estate plan if you:

      Own real estate (ie:  your home or other real estate);

      Have tangible personal property (ie:  a car, furniture, or jewelry);

      Have intangible property (ie: a bank account, stocks/bonds, etc.)

      Have dependent children (ie:  minor child or disabled child)

How does an estate plan work?

     Legally binding documents are used to establish how you want your

      property handled while you are alive and how your property should be

      distributed when you die.

      Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, and will

      substitutes may be used in the creation of your estate plan. 

Do I need a will and a trust?  Why?

      Sometimes a simple will is sufficient.  But, if you have dependent

      children, or are remarried with children from your previous marriage,

      or have a large estate, or have concerns about some tax issues, or are

      concerned about the expense, time and public nature of probate, then a

      trust may work for  you.


Elder Law

What is Elder Law?

     Elder law is the area of the law dealing with the issues facing the older

      person. Issues such as funding long-term or nursing home care without

      totally depleting your life savings are considered.  Medicaid planning and

      eligibility issues are addressed.

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