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A General Practice Law Office Concentrating in Estate Planning and Elder Law

Estate Planning:  With an Estate Plan - You decide.

       Who will get your property when you die?

          Who will be appointed guardian of your children?

             Who will control your financial affairs if you are incapacitated?

                Who will make your health care decisions if you are unable to?

Without an estate plan the Court decides.


Elder Law:  Concerned about facing issues raised by living a long life?

      Are you or your spouse about to enter a Long-Term Care facility or a Nursing Home?

       Will all of your hard earned assets and lifetime savings be used up to pay for the care you or

        your spouse need?

       Can you preserve your assets and still qualify for Medicaid?

An Elder Law consultation may provide the answers you need.


General Practice:  Find out what your legal rights are.

      Are you buying or selling a house or condominium?

          Are you about to lease or rent an apartment?

             Are you a landlord with a problem tenant? 

                Are you a tenant with a problem landlord?

       Are you the victim of an unfair or deceptive consumer practice?

          Is your newly purchased new or used car a lemon?

       Should your business be Sole Proprietorship?  LLP?  LLC?  or Inc.?

          Does your business need to have a contract drafted or reviewed?

             Does your business need a legally compliant employee manual?

       Have you suffered an injury from an accident?

Contact us for a legal consultation.

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